on “don’t tread on me”, no. 8 wire & everyone else who thinks political correctness is crushing them

if you are the snake
so are we.

we are born from nǚwā.
from the rainbow snake.
the susurrating coils of the earth
spat us out.

she fears us now.
evolution’s leaden error 
left us four-limbed armed with greed
the hamster wheel churning
survival instinct into selfishness.

medusa, raped,
grew ophidian locks too.
never again, never again, never again⁠—

would that we could turn things (back) into stone.

oh, my wary workers, 
my hostile friends, 
the boot is not ours.
it is crushing us
(and so are you.)

you have slumbered for a thousand years 
and you are hungry.

pry your teeth out of your tail. 

arise. we can still bare our fangs
and swallow them whole.

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