day 6-8

i am grateful for:

  • not living in the us
  • having been able to afford the xray that means i know the wisdom teeth pushing through my gums are not impacted
  • fortuitously developing an interest in mending, darning and sewing (for waste reduction/rejecting fast fashion reasons) in the last six months and having all the skills now my pants are all falling apart on day six of lockdown
  • warm clothes are more important than warm blankets. when we first got to nz we slept in ski jackets on the bare, damp carpet five of us huddled for warmth and at least we could get up and go places and still stay warm.
  • mbie approved a yarn shop as an essential business but i worry about people who don’t already have threadbare woolen socks to darn or fingers nimble enough to mend or knit. they don’t even sell needles
  • already knowing how to cook. already doing meal planning and eating almost every meal at home.
  • kinda out of necessity bc eating many things causes me pain but still.
  • my friends, my wife, her wife, our cat
  • not having a property manager
  • ban property managers imo who has ever had one do more than make shoddy repairs and pocket the difference

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