my name’s kī. it’s nice to meet you.

like most goblins, i’m reckless, resilient and a little tone-deaf. like many goblins, i don’t subscribe to human gender, and use they pronouns. like all goblins, i believe all should be equal and communities are necessary; i live and agitate against alienation and exploitation accordingly.

have a look around; chances are, the information here is old but not-too-old to be of use. never hesitate to get in touch.

that’s not a bio

neither is this.

i’m a jack of all trades, and very much a master of none. this makes me helpful in the new zealand context, where everyone’s DIYing it anyway and you may as well get all your expertise from one opinionated goblin who’s 60% correct.

my writing is often excruciatingly personal; you’ll learn more that way.

i do / for you

  • digital art — for koha
  • slam poetry — for koha
  • other poetry/prose — for koha
  • event photography & portraiture — sex worker & direct action photography free if i am
  • logistics, infosec/general tech, comms, esp. in emergencies for causes i believe in — advice freely given