on my nintendo switch there is a
mammoth on my new horizons island.
or at least, i have to assume that's
what he's meant to be. he wears 
a leopard-print tunic one-shoulder 
flintstones-style & his name is 
tucker. tucker in english, hajime 
in japanese. did

you know that hajime means one? or
first? the wikia says that perhaps 
he is called that since he is the 
last of his kind. extinct & trapped on
my island with sheep & horses & 
hedgehogs & cats & the knowledge
that he is the only relic of a bygone
time. the loneliest

thing about tiggers is that i'm the only
one, tigger says in the tigger movie. 
hajime —  i cannot think of him as 
tucker — likes historical furniture in 
pocket camp, and all he asks from 
your low-poly player character in happy
home designer is a fresh start. the
wikia says he

is lazy. that his best skill is oversleeping. 
every time i load up the game i wonder
what it is like to wake up after an ice age.
the wikia says he wants to become an 
archaeologist. i want to sit him down on
my wild log bench and look him in the 
eye and say: hajime, it's not worth it.
it's not worth it.

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